[Company Profile]

South African Paper Mills (Pty) Ltd. is an independent paper mill situated in Durban, South Africa. The company has been operating for the past five years.

S.A. Paper Mills operates three paper machines and which currently produces approximately 15 000 tons per year.

The mill manufactures G.T. Ribbed Kraft, plain Kraft , Testliner, Fluting Paper and White Kraft Paper. This paper is available from 40gsm to 230gsm.

Having an in-house converting plant enables us to supply the paper in reels, sheets, counter reels, all of which can be converted to any size within our machine deckle of 1700mm on paper machine no. 1, 2100mm on paper machine no. 2., and 3100mm on paper machine no. 4.

We produce coloured paper - Pink, Green, Orange, Blue and any other specific colours that customers may require.

We also produce gift wrap and this can be delivered in single rolls, flat sheets, counter rolls or reels and are available in a variety of patterns and colours.

We are also setting up a plant to manufacture paper bags. The bags will be manufactured from plain brown paper and printed paper. The market for this would be Pharmacies, Curio shops, retail stores etc. We could also do continuous prints.

We also have an in-house sheeter and web printing machine. This enables us to produce paper with special prints and this can be done in reels or sheets. We also produce SFK (single face kraft) which is widely used in the packaging industries. This can be supplied in rells or sheets.

The paper is currently used locally and internationally to manufacture :

1.School Book Covers
2 .Envelopes
3 .Giftwrap
4 .Paper Bags
5 .Paper Cores
6 .Corrugated Sheets
7 .SFK

We are currently exporting to the following countries:

Ivory Coast
United Kingdom